Epoxy Flooring

Serving the Colorado Springs and Littleton areas

Make your garage floor look great with an epoxy or polished concrete finish. Maintenance free professional look for residential and commercial floors. Also great for outdoor living areas, businesses, restaurants, gyms and more!

Concrete & Epoxy Flooring

New cabinets in your garage would look great, but what about that drab stained floor? We can make your floor look great as well with our epoxy garage floor coatings. An epoxy floor coating can:

  • Improve the appearance of your garage
  • Improve your property value
  • Extend the life of concrete floors

Anther feature is having many color choices to choose from. Epoxy flooring is stain and fade resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

Colorado Springs epoxy floors - Serving Colorado Springs and the Front Range

Epoxy Flooring

Our five point process grinds the garage floor, fills cracks and chips before applying an adhesive base, decorative flakes, and durable clear coat. Heat and freeze tolerant, epoxy floors are chemical and impact resistant. Available in six color choices, this maintenance free garage floor coating doesn’t yellow or fade. Ideal for snow and rain, textured surfaces provide more traction when wet. 

PRO Garage Renovations - Serving Colorado Springs and the Front Range

Polished & metallic Concrete Floors

Ideal for commercial and residential applications, polished and metallic concrete floors are the ultimate no-maintenance flooring. From sleek and shiny surfaces to natural concrete finishes, concrete floors are the perfect compliment to your kitchen, recreation room, outdoor living area, or commercial spaces. 

Epoxy Covered and stained or polished concrete

We’re often asked if epoxy floors are appropriate for outdoor living spaces. At PRO Garage Renovations our epoxy floors, with a polymer based top coat for UV stability, are often used on outdoor living spaces including walkways, steps, and uncovered and covered patio spaces.  Equally attractive are our specialty stained or polished concrete. Ready to transform your outdoor living space to something more attractive and easier to maintain than grey spalling concrete? Contact us today at sales@progaragerenovations.com for a free estimate.